Vienna 1820 - 1903

Landscape with cows

oil on wood panel, 46 x 63 cm, framed

signed and dated: Mahlknecht (1)854


Edmund Mahlknecht, who comes from an artist family, was a student of the Vienna Academy under Josef Mössmer, Franz Steinfeld and Anton Hansch. But he was significantly influenced by Gauermann's lifelike landscape descriptions, in the shadow of which, however, his work is. Unspectacular, without drama, he describes natural moods in a harmonious and almost silent atmosphere. In today's terms, one could speak of a contemplative, very empathetic mood. From 1861 he was a member of the Vienna Künstlerhaus, where he was represented in numerous exhibitions. In addition to his landscapes, animal and pasture scenes are among his most important works. To this day, these landscapes, captured with great subtlety, are extremely popular, since they fulfill the longing for untouched nature for the townspeople.

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