Hagen/Germany 1912 - 1999 San José/Ibiza


Without title


signed and dated: 84 Schumacher

Gouache and oil chalk on paper, 50 x 66 cm


The gouache is archived under number 0 / 1.869 in the Emil Schumacher Foundation and is included in the catalog of works in preparation.


Emil Schumacher is among the founders of abstract painting in Germany and is, next to Hans Hartung, Wols and Wilhelm Wessel, an important representative of the Informel. After being interested in cubistic landscapes after the second world war, Schumacher turned away from constructiveness and towards paintings which mainly consist of colour and its own value in the fifties. Another quality of Schumachers oeuvre is his interest in destruction of material. He smashes shapes in order to achieve a straight impression through his impulsive painting. But there can also be found archaic motives in his gouaches, which stay attached to abstraction despite showing a dim remembrance of a concrete shape and which cannot be exactly decoded .In opposition to a lot of colourful, luminous paintings, this gouache shows intense contrasts between the expressive black line and the white ground, which is blended with earthy shades. The arc, which can be found in a lot of Schumachers pieces, gives this painting – despite the frenetic lines - a certain calmness.

price: 24.000 €