Heinrich Friedrich FÜGER

Heilbronn 1751 - 1818 Vienna

A lady in blue dress

watercolour on ivory, 5 x 3,5 cm, in original medaillon frame

The miniature shows a lady dressed in the fashion of the late 60s of the 18th century. This can be seen in the rectangular cleavage, which is trimmed with lace and in the pinned-up somewhat powdered hairstyle.

Stylistically, the miniature is characterized by its painterly structure, which is particularly evident in clothing and hair. The face is sculpted with delicate and short brushstrokes in the colors pink, yellow and light blue. The background is neutral in light brown. These painterly designs were encountered at that time by artists who were oriented to both French and English painting.

The composition shows the upper body almost in profile, while the head is only slightly turned to the side towards the viewer. It is only a small movement, but it gives the figure a certain dynamic. Here you can already see a quality that emanates from the artist of this miniature.

It is no coincidence that this miniature comes from a collection in Heilbronn. And in this city the young Heinrich Friedrich Füger already portrayed prominent personalities from his hometown - in similar small-format portraits that could also be worn as medallions.

Literature: R. Keil, Heinrich Friedrich Füger, Vienna 2009

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