Heinrich Friedrich Füger

Heilbronn 1751 - 1818 Vienna

The Muse Erato with the Lyra
pen and brown ink, 27 x 18 cm

Erato is one of the nine muses in the Greek mythology. She is the loving muse of lyric poetry, chant and dance, who evokes longing. Erato is the daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne. Her adjunct is the lyra. Füger, the most important Austrian artist of classicism, shows a distant woman with his caracteristic style, who – in accordance to the topic – recites a love-poem with a longingly expression. The drawing can be dated in the 90ies, in which Füger created a lot of drawings with mythological content in a sketchy and graphic way, without using the technique of washing. Duke Albert of Saxony-Teschen was a great promoter of Füger, which is proved by the fact that more than over 150 pieces, which show a great variety of Fügers oeuvre, are kept in the Albertina.

R. Keil, Heinrich Friedrich Füger, Nur wenigen ist es vergönnt, das Licht der Wahrheit zu sehen (Only a few are allowed to see the light of the truth), catalogue raisonnée, Vienna 2009, WV 394, p. 324.

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