H.F. Füger, circle

Vienna around 1790

Count Joseph Ferraris

watercolour on ivory, DM 7 cm, in gilt brass frame

Count Joseph Johann von Ferraris (April 22, 1726 in Lunéville - April 1, 1814 Vienna) began his military career under the service of Empress Marie Theresa. In 1767 he was sent to the Austrian Netherlands as an artillery commander and was in contact with Duke Albert of Saxony-Teschen there until the 80s as governor of East Flanders. In 1784 he was made a field witness and was awarded the Commander's Cross of the Military Maria Theresa Order in the course of the coalition wars against France after the Battle of Valencienne. This miniature was created immediately after this award. During his stay in Flanders, Ferraris oversaw the publication of a large-scale topographical image of the Netherlands. Like Duke Albert, he was also scientifically oriented and one of the most important Freemasons. Füger, who painted the representative portrait miniature of the daughter of Count Ferraris in the 90s ("Molly" Zichy-Ferraris), was able to win friends and clients from the circle of Freemasons after his return from Italy, including Count Ferraris (alongside Born, Birkenstock, the Count Fries etc.) belonged. Technically, this miniature is still made in relatively strong contrast colors and with longer brushstrokes in the face area, which give the physiognomy a strong plasticity (dominant blue-gray), while the uniform is only indicated with a few long brushstrokes. For the authorship, however, an artist who was in a student relationship with Füger must be consulted.

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