H.F. Füger, circle

Heilbronn 1751 - 1818 Vienna

Actress Ursula Maczkowska

watercolour on ivory, DM 7,2 cm, in gilt brass and black wood frame

This miniature belongs to a group of portraits that depict a certain person in various techniques, including a drawing in the Municipal Museum in Heilbronn (see R. Keil, H.F. Füger, Vienna 2009, WV 152) and a miniature, painted on vellum in private ownership (oval, 17.7 cm high). This portrait, also shown in F. Laban (H.F. Füger, Berlin 1905, No. 56, Fig.XIII), was identified there as Countess Clam. Only in the catalog at Christie's (November 27, 2012) in London was the lady depicted as Ursula Kaczkowska. She was married to the Polish artist Wincenty Lesseur-Lesserowitcz. He painted u. a. also portrait miniatures and was a colleague and friend of Heinrich Füger. Perhaps this is also the reason why Füger made several portraits of his friend's wife.

This series can be classified towards the end of the 80s or around / after 1790. Our miniature is almost monochrome, in cool shades of blue and gray, sometimes faded. But you can see the quality of the artist in the style of the folds on the dress and the loose brushwork, the moving background, which was accentuated by a combination of lines and dots.

See comparative examples: Half-length portrait of a young lady (privately owned) - WV 148 ——- Marie Therèse Countess Buquoy-Paar

price:     2.450 €