Jean Etienne Liotard, circle

about 1747

Empress Maria Theresia

watercolour and gouache on parchment, 5,5 x 7,5 cm, later brass frame

The empress wears a tiara in her hair, a representative dress with inlaid stones and the reddish ermine cape.
Jean Etienne Liotard stayed in Vienna several times between 1743 and 1748 to paint portraits of the imperial family in oil, pastel and miniatures (parchment and enamel). He was assisted by the Austrian Peter Kobler and Jean Adam Serre, also from Geneva (see the depictions of the Empress, in: Robert Keil, The Portrait Miniatures of the House of Habsburg, Vienna 1999, especially Cat. 30, p. 42) . Today it is very difficult to attribute the unsigned miniatures to Serre or Kobler. Typical of these artists are the gray-green shades for the meat sections, which were not executed in dots but in short brush strokes.
The type of portrait in all these miniatures goes back to the oil-painted versions, as a version of the Empress Maria Theresa by Liotard shows in the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

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