Moritz Michael DAFFINGER

Vienna 1790 - 1849 Vienna


Half-length portrait of a seated lady in a white dress


watercolour on ivory, 9 x 7,3 cm, in an original Viennese gilt brass frame


Since the miniature is not signed, it probably belonged to its counterpart, the portrait of her husband. Mostly only a miniature of it was signed, in this case the one that represented your husband.

It can bedated in the early 30s of the 19th century. The size and the elaborate execution (clothing, jewelry) speak for a client of the upper bourgeois or aristocratic class.

The fine elaboration of the face and shoulders contrasts with the fragrant and very freely painted lace dress - a specialty of Daffinger and at the same time a highlight of European miniature painting.


price: 14.000 €