Moritz Michael DAFFINGER

Vienna 1790 - 1849 Vienna

Gentleman in blue coat

signed: Daffinger

watercolour on ivory, 8 x 6,5 cm, gilt brass frame


This portrait is a quality work of art, to characterize a person solely in his posture and gaze.

In the portraits of prominent personalities you may find medals or colored vests that are typical of the Biedermeier period. Here the sitter is shown with a simple frock coat with a dark velvet lapel. That speaks more for an artist from the circle of acquaintances of the artist. Daffinger portrayed many Viennese artists who were not so much clients, but received these portraits as proof of friendship.

The portrait of the Austrian poet Franz Grillparzer, one of Daffinger's closest friends, should be used as a comparison. The relatively simple clothes and the strong physiognomic charisma can also be found there. The painterly style certainly says something about the depiction. Daffinger does not look for a meticulous image, but creates the portrait with virtuoso brush strokes, some of which remain visible.

price: 6.480 €