J. Winterhalder the Elder, attr.

Vöhrenbach 1702 - 1769 Vienna

Penitent Magdalena

black chalk, 27,5 19,2 cm


In the early 30s Winterhalder came via Munich to Vienna and further to Moravia He mainly stayed in Znojmo, from where he mainly worked for regional clients. On the one hand, he oriented himself to Georg Raffael Donner's classically academic style, and on the other hand to Paul Troger's so-called "anti-classic" expressive style. The drawings, in particular, show stronger agreement with Troger's works: such as the angular movements, the curved contours and the hatching for the representation of the plastic values. All of this shows the drawing particularly clearly. In the Moravian Gallery in Brno there is a collection of 30 partially signed drawings by Winterhalder d. Elders. Especially the "Saint Francis", dated 1760 (pen in brown, 17.3 x 21.4 cm, inv. B 44a) is very close to our drawing (see M. Dachs, Josef Winterhalder the Elder and Paul Troger, in: Nordico , Art Yearbook of the City of Linz, 1997, pp. 124-144).

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