Venus mourns the dead Adonis

Antonio Vassilacchi

Assumption of Mary

Rome around 1700

Arcadian landscape

Josef Rebell

Jacob kneeling

Rembrandt, studio

Young men in the fiery furnace

Hans Kiesel

Allegory of an enlightened government

Franz Sambach

Proportion study of a male figure

Germany 18th century

Stehende Dame

Richard Cosway

Young man in lying position

Heinrich Friedrich Füger

Seated male nude

Italy 17th century

Maria Magdalena

Girolamo Brusaferro attr.

Diomedes and Aeneas

Johann Ender

Paris and Menelaos

Johann Ender

Antique battle-scene

Josef Redl

The suitors of Penelope

Carl Agricola

Male nude, verso hanging male body

Italy 16th century

French revolution

Alfred Hrdlicka

Without title

Emil Schumacher

Male nude

Fritz Wotruba