Johann ENDER

Vienna 1793 - 1854 Vienna

Diomedes and Aeneas

titled on the left lower edge: Diomed et Aneas ,

signed and dated: Johann Ender 1814

pen and brown ink, washed, 38,2 x 48 cm

In Homer's Iliad, Aeneas is a Trojan prince and leader of the Dardan allied with Troy. He is, according to Hector, the bravest warrior on the side of the Trojans. He is badly wounded in the fight with Diomedes - he kneels wounded on the ground. His mother tries to save him. In doing so, Apollo helps her, enveloping them both in a fog so they can escape to Troy. Ender shows the dramatic moment when Diomedes tries to kill his wounded adversary. Behind is an anonymous mass of warriors.

In the Albertina, Vienna, are several mythological drawings from the Roman and Greek history by Ender, which date from the time after the Academy. But they no longer show this strong and dramatic vitality. Johann Ender studied from 1807 at the Vienna Academy (with Hubert Maurer, J. B. Lampi, Franz Caučig). Ender was also influenced by these artists during his studies - but above all by Franz Caucig. Stylistically, these figures in their exaggerated movements and graphic elaboration are reminiscent of works by Heinrich F: Füssli, whose style was widely used in the printing works.

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